About Tingyue Jiang

Tingyue Jiang is a Chinese fashion designer based in New York City.

Tingyue finished bachelor degree of fashion design in China Academy of Art at 2014 and also master degree of fashion design and society in Parsons the new school for design at 2017. Tingyue interned for a Chinese designer brand Masha Ma at 2013 in Shanghai China. Focusing on textile development and production. During the study in Parsons, interned for designer Chris Gelinas at 2016. Handling many production work and also develop textile and detail structure.

In the period of undergraduate, Tingyue shortlisted in Jeanwest fashion competition. And graduation collection was incorporated into the college series. After this, Tingyue received Parsons Dean’s scholarship for the study of master degree.

As a designer, Tingyue focuses on finding a different technique to create new shapes. How to reshape the element of our daily clothing that is always a challenge. Pattern cutting and draping are just skills. Through the process of pattern making, draping and the result is a new modern womenswear look. Even textile can be a way to reshape the silhouette. Shape is always hided behind these textile. How we use textile decide how shape will be.

Photography and film making are a large part of Tingyue's creative process and often the starting point in his research and development. Photography and film are instant visual stimuli and provide the vital inspiration that develops an idea into a design.

As a Chinese, bringing a new Chinese culture influence is second challenge. Tingyue selected inspiration from what is happening in china. How the philosophy behind those social events can be a leader for collection.

While Tingyue considers himself a good listener and is inspired by different opinions to develop a clear and strong voice he also has a keen inclination to doubt those same voices and challenges himself to break the rules and inertia of womenswear.